Our garden journey season 2 week 6

Our garden journey season 2 week 6

This week has been a crazy week between my son being sick and my husband starting to go into the office again, thanks covid, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. So where do I start with the updates on my garden? Well, I guess I need to give you guys an update on what I’ve been growing indoors and outdoors. I also need to update you guys on some things that I’ve been doing in my garden this week! I’m so excited to be giving you guys this update! Also, I’m sorry for the lack of pictures! I suck at remembering to take pictures at times.

To start off with my plants have been growing like crazy!! Induct I’ve already had to transplant one type of flower into a bigger container. I also have so many peppers and tomatoes that I’m growing too! It is literally crazy too! My end goal for this year is to see if I can learn and grow as much food as possible to sustain my family and also create a business to sell produce at farmers markets. I want to be able to share what I’m growing with other people. Now outside I’m already seeing black seeded lettuce, sparkler rashes and Nantes carrots growing too. I see a lot more of them growing. I know that I probably mentioned about them popping up last week but since last week I’ve had a few more come up. I think that the raised garden bed that I have my radishes and carrots in was a great investment. If you guys would like a review than please comment down below!

The second thing that I have been busy doing other than taking care of a sick toddler is getting my in ground raised garden bed ready for some plants and seeds. If you read my post last week then you would have seen that I built that thing in about an hour. However, this week I’ve decided to fill it. I started off with putting down some card board (thanks Amazon) at the very bottom. I then bought the cheapest compost manure I could find at lowes. I did already have some compost of my own but it wasn’t enough to fill it so I bought 30 bags of compost. All I’m going to say is that boy oh boy that was quite a workout! I still have some left over for my grow bags too. Before I buy another bed I’m going to see just how many seedlings/plants I can fit into the one bed that I do have.

Overall, I think I’ve got off to a good start with my crops this year. Ive learn a lot in between seasons about what Ive could have done differently and I think it’s really paying off now with how much I am now growing. I’m also super excited to be growing crops in my raised garden bed this year too!

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