Our Garden Journey week 4

Our Garden Journey week 4

So this week I’ve been having some changes in my garden that I really want to tell you guys about. I wanted to tell you guys about a few changes that I have made to the hill that I’m going to put my garden on as well as seeds that I’ve planted and also how I’m keeping track of my garden too. I’m so excited to tell you guys about some of my future plans.

My biggest project to date with my garden is prepping our hill/slope to grow fruits and vegetables. We have already cleared off a lot of the over grown weeds and kudzu. However, we still have a lot of ground weeds that are left over. So far I’ve already got a little area started for my lettuce at the bottom. This past weekend I started to hack away at some of the weeds at the top. My goal is to do it section by section until the whole slope is weed free so that I can start putting my compost soil on. This will really give me time to figure out the best spots that are flat enough on my slope to actually put some plants in. While walking on the slope I noticed that it has some parts that are curved into the slope where I could potentially put a plant or two in because apart of the curve is a little bit flat and in pushed into the hill so I don’t think those areas will have much erosion. One thing is for sure though I that clearing all the weeds out is making me work out a lot that’s for sure! Sorry that I don’t have any updated pictures of the progress that I’ve made so far but my goal is to work at it every weekend so next weekend I will make sure to take some pictures for next weeks post.

This week is also another round of seed planting! This week I planted different types of tomatoes, cabbage, two types of basil, cauliflower and more lettuce! The types of tomorrows that I have are super sweet hybrid 100, red cherry tomatoes, beef steak tomatoes, tomato sweetie and cloudy day tomatoes! I think what I am the most excited to grow this year are tomatoes especially the little varieties. It brings me back many fond memories of eating tomatoes from my grandpas garden in the summer. I’m also excited about growing cabbage and cauliflower because those are new plants to me and I feel like I’m ready for a challenge to have and grow them in my garden.

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