Our Garden Journey season 2 week 1

Our Garden Journey season 2 week 1

Hey everybody! Long time no posts! First of all I’m so excited to be gardening again and that it is a new season. I’ve been itching to start posting again but I didn’t want to start blogging to soon but I thought that this week would be a great week to start!

So to start off with I wanted to tell you guys what I’ve been doing during the winter to start preparing my garden for this year! I’ve been doing a lot of things lately. For instance, I’ve started composting in the late fall early winter. So far I’ve got a few gallons of soil composted in my composter. I have also invested in a raised garden bed this year and I’m planning on using one it as a way to attract pollinators. Speaking of garden beds I have made it my mission to fix up our hill in our backyard and transform it into my garden. which I’ve started going already. My plan is to do that in late February or early March because it’s still cold outside and I haven’t been able to do it the last few weeks because we did get some snow recently. Lastly, on what I’ve been doing is I’ve also been watching and learning from other gardeners on YouTube. So far I’ve learned so many things from MI gardener, roots and refuge farms, epic gardening, the veggie boys and ace homestead just to name a few. I kid you not they are amazing gardeners to learn from. I’ve learned new ways of making a raised garden bed to how to combat certain diseases on plants.

So what seeds have I started already? Well, I actually started a couple in December just as a tester seed and let’s just say that they aren’t doing too bad. I started strawberries and pear plums from store bought seeds. My one strawberry plant is doing alright and my pear plum trees are thriving right now. I’ve also just started lavender, rosemary and sage as well just this week. As you can tell I’ve also upgraded my green house trays to fit more seeds. I hope that one day I’ll be able to get a grow light but I think that will be later on down the line. I’ve also added a picture or two of some of the plants that I’m going to try to grow in my garden this year down below.

My one strawberry plant

Overall I’m so excited about growing my own food this year. My goal this year is to get to a point where I don’t need rely on groceries stores. I also want to hear what you are planning to put in your garden this year too!

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